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You can spend whole weeks exploring the rabbit warren of stone-clad lanes that is Stockholm, hopping between cozy coffee shops, grand royal palaces, and multicultural food halls. But venture further afield and Sweden also comes with bags of wilderness. Up north, tundra forests are battered by snowdrifts and traditional reindeer herders speckle the Arctic plains. Nearer the Baltic, timber-built fishing settlements come writhed in histories of seafarers and Viking raiders. You can also find untouched forests and lakes by the bucket load, with enough hiking paths and medieval villages to go around. Cheap fights to Sweden from Australia usually have at least one stopover on the way, with the big Arlanda Airport the most common arrival point.

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Gamla Stan
Gamla Stan

Stockholm's character-rich old center is a place to stir the emotions, with cobbled alleys, overhanging buildings, and medieval taverns.


Transport yourself back through the centuries with a trip to Visby, where stories of Vikings are still told between the salt-washed fishing quays.


You can aim to conquer all or just some of the 270-mile Kungsleden hiking path. Either way, this one's an odyssey through snow-plumed forests and primeval Swedish fells.

Questions & Answers

What is the cheapest month to fly to Sweden?

At the moment, the cheapest months to travel to Sweden are May/2020 and August/2020. You will pay the most in July/2020.

What airlines fly non-stop to Sweden?

No airlines fly direct to Sweden from Australia.

What is the cheapest airline that flies to Sweden?

The cheapest airline that flies to Sweden from Australia is British Airways.

What is the best airline to fly to Sweden?

The best airline to fly between Australia and Sweden is Qatar Airways.

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