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Bucket lists are made and achieved in Egypt. This corner of Africa is ancient like you won't believe – pyramids, carved Sphinxes, spine-tingling tombs, and temples to animist gods still mark the wiggling courses of the River Nile; forever reminders of the glorious days of the conquering pharaohs. But cheap flights to Egypt from Australia can also catapult you into a modern-day state that fizzes with life, is rocked by tumultuous politics, has dusty bazaars that jangle with gold trinkets, and comes dotted with deluxe Red Sea beach resorts where scuba trips are the order of the day.

Top sights In Egypt

The Great Pyramid of Giza

The icon of the Giza archaeological site stands at a whopping 139 meters tall. It's also the oldest of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.


From the dank tombs that lie in the Valley of the Kings to the striking complex of Luxor Temple, this one's a must-stop on the Nile for any history buffs.

The Red Sea

Dive under the see-through waters of the Red Sea for a world of glowing corals, hammerhead sharks, and lionfish.

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