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Get to know Tigerair Australia

Tigerair Australia is one of the main low-cost legs of Virgin Australia. Since 2007, the carrier has been running wallet-friendly flights out of its main base in Melbourne Airport. Subsequent expansions since the takeover of Virgin in 2013 have seen more and more routes added to the roster, along with the establishment of new bases in Brisbane and Sydney.
A focus on simple fare tariffs and no-frills service has helped to make Tigerair Australia a mainstay choice for backpackers and budget travelers crossing the continent. The current fleet numbers 15 aircraft, with Airbus A320s due to be replaced by Boeing 737 models.

Where can I catch Tigerair flights?

Tigerair Australia stays true to its name by offering a comprehensive network of domestic links Down Under.
Tigerair Melbourne Airport operations are the longest running of the lot. From the capital of Victoria, you can hop down to wild Tasmania on flights to Hobart, whiz across to the surf breaks of the Gold Coast, or fly Tigerair Melbourne to Sydney for a weekend of Bondi and partying in The Rocks.
That's just a taster. Other, more hidden, corners of Oz are also served by Tigerair. Some could whisk you to the lush winelands of Adelaide. Others could be a ticket to the blinding beaches of the Whitsundays Coast. And you've got Tigerair Perth flights that open up the gorgeous islands of Western Australia and the vibrant city on the Swan River.

A guide to Tigerair sale deals

Just when you thought the budget-friendly ticket prices of Tigerair Australia were as good as it gets, you spy one of the carrier's alluring sales. From flash sales to celebrate the end of the financial year to birthday deals that cut the price of return journeys considerably, there's lots to look out for…

Tigerair $9 flights

Popular routes like Tigerair Melbourne to Sydney and Adelaide to Melbourne come in at just a fraction of their usual cost on this occasional sale deal that reduces full-ticket rates to under $10.

Tigerair $1 flights

While $1 certainly wouldn't bag you a flat white on Darling Harbour, it could be all you need to score a cross-Oz trip when this awesome Tigerair sale is running. The best bargains go fast, and the most popular routes are often not included.

Tigerair pay to go, $1 Return

Those looking for return on routes like Tigerair Melbourne to Hobart should watch out for this flash sale. It cuts the cost of the home leg to a measly 100 cents, even if you still have to fork out full rates for the outward trip.

Tigerair 2 for 1

A coveted deal that comes from a Tigerair promotional code, the 2 for 1 is the perfect bargain for those who want to surprise a travel partner or someone special. It does what it says on the tin: two seats for the price of one.

Tigerair EOFY

The cost of Tigerair Australia's domestic routes can plunge up to 40% when the EOFY sale kicks in. Watch out for it to go live after June 30.

Saturday Flight Fever (discontinued)

No longer active, but a comeback to watch out for, Saturday Flight Fever saw frequent reductions on domestic tickets for purchases made on the weekend. The deals often included popular routes like Brisbane-Sydney, MEL-Gold Coast, and Cairns-Melbourne.

Tigerair Birthday Sale

Another year, another Tigerair Birthday Sale. These change every time they pop up. Sometimes they offer attractive reductions. Other times they smash the price tags of return legs. You just never know what you're going to get.

Tigerair baggage information

Tigerair carry on limits are set at 7kg per passenger. That can be spread over a total of two items, so long as the largest doesn't exceed 137cm x 38cm x 23cm in size. Examples of acceptable secondary items are handbags, e-readers, books, or large winter coats. All hand luggage is weighed at the time of boarding.
There's no Tigerair fare that includes checked baggage as standard. If you're coming with extra luggage, then you'll need to add it manually. It's always cheaper to do that at the time of booking, although it's possible to tack on Tigerair baggage in the run-up to your flight, or at the airport (but that's the most expensive option of all).
The maximum weight for any single piece of Tigerair luggage is 30kg.

Tigerair check in information

Tigerair web check in makes things simple for travelers on all of the carrier's domestic routes. You can enter your details and retrieve your boarding pass starting a whole three days before departure. Don't leave things to the last minute, though – online check in closes and hour prior to take off.
The simplest way to process check in is through the dedicated Tigerair Australia mobile application. That lets you store all previous bookings and plump for any addons you may need at just the flick of a finger.

Other things to know about booking Tigerair flights

  • Carriage of live animals – Tigerair does not currently allow the carriage of pets. Service dogs are the sole exception on domestic routes throughout Australia.
  • Tigerair change flights policy – It's possible to alter your booking to another Tigerair Australia service so long as it's at least two hours before the scheduled departure time. It's cheapest to make the change online. The cost is $55 plus any excess in the ticket price.
  • Tigerair cancellation policy – Tigerair fares are generally non-refundable.
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