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Destination Profile

With the Chilean Coast Range on the one side and the ice-capped Andes towering on the other, Santiago sits in the very heart of Chile. It's home to just under half of the whole country's population, which means the formidable mountain surroundings keep watch over a bustling and buzzing center. That ranges from the high-perched lookouts of the Parque Metropolitano to the palm-speckled walks of the Plaza de Armas, host to conquistador-era Cathedrals and glass-clad skyscrapers. Within, you can also find sizzling cantinas that burst with Mapuche food and Chilean piscos, nights of wild Cueca dancing and museums that chronicle the tumultuous history of the nation. Cheap flights to Santiago de Chile from Australia typically take between 16 and 20 hours, with the best deals usually on airlines departing out of larger eastern cities like Sydney and Brisbane.

Top sights In Santiago de Chile

Parque Metropolitano

Ride the teleférico cable car to Chile's answer to Central Park, which has al fresco swimming pools, statues and stunning broadside views of the Andes.

Plaza de Armas

The beating heart of Santiago is found on Plaza de Armas, where you can also wonder at a European-style cathedral and centuries-old palazzos.

The Andes

Hit the mountain-carved heights of Cajon del Maipo or whiz down ski slopes in Portillo, all by heading east to the mighty Andes.

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