By Garth Adams 10/Sep/2020

Virgin Australia cuts regional flights under Bain Capital

Virgin Australia is stopping flights to regional centres following the restructure with its new owner, Bain Capital.

9 regional routes are being culled, as well as an international route from Sydney to Tonga.

The complete list of routes being removed are:

  • Sydney to Tamworth 
  • Sydney to Uluru 
  • Sydney to Hervey Bay 
  • Sydney to Nuku'alofa, Tonga 
  • Sydney to Port Macquarie 
  • Sydney to Albury 
  • Brisbane to Cloncurry 
  • Brisbane to Port Macquarie 
  • Mount Isa to Cloncurry 
  • Melbourne to Mildura

Alliance Airlines will take over the Brisbane to Port Macquarie route and fly it under a Virgin flight code.

Under Bain Capital, the airline has stopped using the smaller ATR-72 turboprops and is instead focusing on the larger Boeing order to simplify its fleet.

The removal of the smaller planes and the drop in demand due to Covid-19, make the regional routes financially unviable.


Garth Adams
Garth Adams

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