By Garth Adams 17/Sep/2020

Video: Terrifying moment as Black Bear Sniffs Fearless Women Hikers

Incredible video of a black bear coming right up to a group of hikers in Mexico.

The women were hiking in Chipinque Ecological Park in San Pedro Garza GarcĂ­a, when the bear approached them.

The women stand stock-still as the bear comes right up to one of them. The bear rears onto its hind legs and gets close enough to sniff her hair. You can hear people in the background trying to distract the bear, but it pays no notice.

The woman, cool as you like, then takes out her phone. Obligingly, the bear rears up again and the woman gets a selfie.

The bears then wanders a few feet away, before coming back and giving her leg a swipe from its paw and what looks like a small nip. Finally, the bear ambles away.

Here is the encounter from another angle:


Garth Adams
Garth Adams

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