Expired Full-service flights to Tokyo from $501 return. All departure cities under $530 return!

Konichiwa, Tokyo! Philippine Airlines continues to provide the best value for full-service flights to Japan. Travel in April to May 2019.

Want to extend your layover in Manila and make it two holidays in one? You can use these dates as the basis for a multi-city/layover search on I Want That Flight!

$501 Return Melbourne to Tokyo Flights Click Here for more travel dates.
26/Apr10/May$501View Flight
26/Apr09/May$501View Flight
28/Apr10/May$501View Flight
26/Apr08/May$501View Flight
26/Apr07/May$501View Flight
28/Apr08/May$501View Flight
01/May10/May$501View Flight
28/Apr07/May$501View Flight
12/May21/May$501View Flight
01/May09/May$501View Flight
$517 Return Sydney to Tokyo Flights Click Here for more travel dates.
14/May28/May$517View Flight
13/May28/May$517View Flight
01/May14/May$517View Flight
14/May30/May$517View Flight
14/May26/May$517View Flight
14/May25/May$517View Flight
01/May12/May$517View Flight
14/May24/May$517View Flight
01/May11/May$517View Flight
30/Apr10/May$517View Flight
$523 Return Brisbane to Tokyo Flights Click Here for more travel dates.
09/May24/May$523View Flight
12/May27/May$523View Flight
11/May24/May$523View Flight
11/May27/May$523View Flight
28/Apr10/May$523View Flight
12/May24/May$523View Flight
28/Apr08/May$523View Flight
30/Apr10/May$523View Flight
14/May24/May$523View Flight
30/Apr08/May$523View Flight
These flights involve layovers in Manila, the Philippines – some long or overnight, depending on departure city and dates chosen. Get out and do some sightseeing – Australian passport holders can enter the Philippines without a visa. Philippine Airlines is a full-service carrier, so these flights include checked luggage and in-flight meals.

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