Expired Flights to Phuket, Thailand from $273 Return. 2 or more passengers

Scoot Airlines are having a sale on flights to Phuket, Thailand. Travel in Jan - May/18. 2 or more passengers. Scoot is a budget airline so bags + meals are extra. This deal is for today only (Tuesday).
Click the links below to see all the flights. We have also provided some sample dates, click them and once the search has completed you can change the dates.
Perth to Phuket Flights $273 Return.
29/Jan07/Feb$273View Flight
28/Jan07/Feb$273View Flight
30/Jan07/Feb$273View Flight
27/Jan07/Feb$273View Flight
31/Jan07/Feb$273View Flight
25/Jan07/Feb$273View Flight
24/Jan07/Feb$273View Flight
08/May17/May$278View Flight
13/May23/May$278View Flight
28/Apr08/May$278View Flight
Gold Coast to Phuket Flights $308 Return.
26/Feb06/Mar$308View Flight
28/Feb06/Mar$318View Flight
28/Feb14/Mar$318View Flight
29/Jan06/Feb$332View Flight
31/Jan06/Feb$332View Flight
24/Jan06/Feb$332View Flight
28/Feb13/Mar$332View Flight
12/Mar21/Mar$337View Flight
09/May18/May$337View Flight
10/Mar20/Mar$337View Flight
Sydney to Phuket Flights $322 Return.
09/Apr19/Apr$322View Flight
26/Mar04/Apr$341View Flight
01/Mar10/Mar$341View Flight
02/May11/May$341View Flight
05/May14/May$341View Flight
17/Mar26/Mar$341View Flight
25/Mar04/Apr$341View Flight
06/May16/May$341View Flight
16/Mar26/Mar$341View Flight
02/May10/May$341View Flight
Melbourne to Phuket Flights $347 Return.
28/Apr09/May$347View Flight
12/May23/May$347View Flight
29/Apr11/May$347View Flight
12/May18/May$347View Flight
13/May18/May$347View Flight
07/May16/May$352View Flight
14/May23/May$352View Flight
29/Apr09/May$352View Flight
13/May23/May$352View Flight
07/May18/May$352View Flight
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