Expired Flights to Mumbai, India from $480 return on Qantas and Jet Airways. All departure cities under $600 return!

Namaskar, Mumbai! Head over to India's most vibrant and cosmopolitan city with these sale fares from Qantas and Jet Airways. Travel across a wide range of late 2018 and early 2019 dates.

Want to extend your layover in Bangkok and make it two holidays in one? You can use these dates as the basis for a multi-city/layover search on I Want That Flight!

$480 Return Sydney to Mumbai Flights Click Here for more travel dates.
26/Feb12/Mar$480View Flight
26/Feb11/Mar$480View Flight
06/Mar17/Mar$480View Flight
26/Feb07/Mar$480View Flight
19/Mar28/Mar$480View Flight
06/Mar20/Mar$482View Flight
11/Feb26/Feb$482View Flight
06/Mar21/Mar$482View Flight
13/Mar28/Mar$482View Flight
26/Feb13/Mar$482View Flight
$544 Return Melbourne to Mumbai Flights Click Here for more travel dates.
11/Sep16/Sep$544View Flight
07/Sep16/Sep$555View Flight
04/Sep16/Sep$555View Flight
06/Sep16/Sep$555View Flight
04/Sep12/Sep$555View Flight
06/Sep12/Sep$555View Flight
07/Sep12/Sep$555View Flight
09/Sep16/Sep$567View Flight
05/Sep12/Sep$571View Flight
09/Sep17/Sep$586View Flight
$556 Return Canberra to Mumbai Flights Click Here for more travel dates.
07/Nov21/Nov$556View Flight
11/Sep16/Sep$556View Flight
05/Sep12/Sep$562View Flight
11/Sep17/Sep$562View Flight
03/Sep12/Sep$566View Flight
07/Sep12/Sep$566View Flight
07/Sep16/Sep$575View Flight
18/Nov02/Dec$585View Flight
06/Sep12/Sep$591View Flight
04/Sep12/Sep$594View Flight
Flights from Sydney involve layovers in Bangkok, Thailand. Flights from all other departure cities involve additional brief layovers in Sydney. Flights within Australia and from Sydney to Bangkok are operated by Qantas; flights from Bangkok to Mumbai are operated by Jet Airways in codeshare or interline with Qantas. Both Qantas and Jet Airways are full-service carriers, so these fares include checked baggage and in-flight meals.

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