Expired Flights to London from $942 Return on Cathay Pacific. Minimum 2 Passengers

Cathay Pacific is having a sale on flights to London. Travel in May - Jun/18 and Nov/18. Bags and Meals Included. Minimum 2 Passengers. Cathay Pacific is rated #5 in the World Airline rankings.
Perth to London Flights $942 Return.

22/May01/Jun$942View Flight
22/May02/Jun$942View Flight
22/May03/Jun$942View Flight
22/May04/Jun$942View Flight
21/May04/Jun$942View Flight
05/Nov22/Nov$942View Flight
12/Nov29/Nov$942View Flight
29/Oct15/Nov$942View Flight
22/Oct08/Nov$942View Flight
15/Oct01/Nov$942View Flight
Adelaide to London Flights $948 Return.
21/May04/Jun$948View Flight
14/Nov28/Nov$948View Flight
13/Nov28/Nov$948View Flight
14/Nov30/Nov$948View Flight
13/Nov30/Nov$948View Flight
07/Nov26/Nov$948View Flight
08/Nov28/Nov$948View Flight
07/Nov28/Nov$948View Flight
08/Nov30/Nov$948View Flight
07/Nov30/Nov$948View Flight
Melbourne to London Flights $979 Return.
07/Nov20/Nov$979View Flight
06/Nov20/Nov$979View Flight
07/Nov21/Nov$979View Flight
05/Nov20/Nov$979View Flight
06/Nov21/Nov$979View Flight
07/Nov22/Nov$979View Flight
05/Nov21/Nov$979View Flight
06/Nov22/Nov$979View Flight
05/Nov22/Nov$979View Flight
05/Nov23/Nov$979View Flight
Sydney to London Flights $995 Return.
05/Nov19/Nov$995View Flight
06/Nov20/Nov$995View Flight
05/Nov20/Nov$995View Flight
06/Nov21/Nov$995View Flight
05/Nov21/Nov$995View Flight
06/Nov22/Nov$995View Flight
05/Nov22/Nov$995View Flight
06/Nov23/Nov$995View Flight
05/Nov23/Nov$995View Flight
06/Nov24/Nov$995View Flight
Brisbane to London Flights $1001 Return.
05/Nov19/Nov$1001View Flight
07/Nov21/Nov$1001View Flight
05/Nov20/Nov$1001View Flight
06/Nov21/Nov$1001View Flight
07/Nov22/Nov$1001View Flight
05/Nov21/Nov$1001View Flight
06/Nov22/Nov$1001View Flight
05/Nov22/Nov$1001View Flight
06/Nov23/Nov$1001View Flight
07/Nov24/Nov$1001View Flight
Flights to London - All Other Departure Cities.
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These prices won’t last long – usually a few days but sometimes much shorter. If you click the sample dates and the prices have gone up it unfortunately means the sale has ended.