Expired Flights to Dublin, Ireland from $878 return on top-rated airlines

Get your craic on! Head to Ireland with these sale fares from Qatar Airways and Etihad Airways. Travel from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra, Darwin and Hobart across a wide range of 2018 dates. Qatar Airways is currently ranked as the best airline in the world and Etihad is in the top ten.

The prices listed below are per person, but this is a 'companion' sale so you must book two or more passengers to take advantage of these fares (with the exception of flights from Melbourne). Qatar airways does not fly out of Brisbane, Hobart or Darwin, but great combination fares can be booked with flights from Virgin Australia and Jetstar, so we've listed them here. All flights involve a layover in Doha, Qatar, except for flights from Melbourne, which involve layovers in Abu Dhabi and London.

Click the links below to see all the flights. We have provided some sample dates but you can choose your own as well. Click them and once the search has completed you can change the dates.
These prices won’t last long – usually a few days but sometimes much shorter. If you click the sample dates and the prices have gone up it unfortunately means the sale has ended.

Perth to Dublin Flights $878 Return (with Qatar Airways).
22/May20/Jun$878View Flight
22/May21/Jun$878View Flight
22/May17/Jun$878View Flight
22/May16/Jun$878View Flight
24/Apr26/May$878View Flight
08/May09/Jun$878View Flight
15/May16/Jun$878View Flight
22/May23/Jun$878View Flight
22/May24/Jun$878View Flight
22/May25/Jun$878View Flight
Darwin to Dublin Flights $916 Return (with Qatar Airways and Virgin Australia).
22/May25/Jun$916View Flight
22/May20/Jun$925View Flight
22/May21/Jun$925View Flight
22/May17/Jun$925View Flight
22/May22/Jun$925View Flight
24/Apr26/May$925View Flight
22/May23/Jun$925View Flight
15/May17/Jun$925View Flight
22/May24/Jun$925View Flight
20/May24/Jun$944View Flight
Adelaide to Dublin Flights $929 Return (with Qatar Airways).
22/May19/Jun$929View Flight
22/May21/Jun$929View Flight
22/May16/Jun$929View Flight
22/May20/Jun$948View Flight
22/May18/Jun$948View Flight
22/May17/Jun$948View Flight
22/May22/Jun$948View Flight
24/Apr27/May$948View Flight
01/May03/Jun$948View Flight
08/May10/Jun$948View Flight
Hobart to Dublin Flights $941 Return (with Qatar Airways and Jetstar).
08/May05/Jun$941View Flight
10/May05/Jun$941View Flight
03/May05/Jun$941View Flight
10/May02/Jun$941View Flight
22/May19/Jun$958View Flight
10/May08/Jun$958View Flight
08/May04/Jun$958View Flight
22/May21/Jun$958View Flight
22/May16/Jun$958View Flight
10/May04/Jun$958View Flight
Canberra to Dublin Flights $966 Return (with Qatar Airways).
23/Apr27/May$966View Flight
30/Apr03/Jun$966View Flight
07/May10/Jun$966View Flight
14/May17/Jun$966View Flight
21/May24/Jun$966View Flight
22/May17/Jun$981View Flight
24/Apr25/May$981View Flight
24/Apr27/May$981View Flight
01/May03/Jun$981View Flight
08/May10/Jun$981View Flight
Sydney to Dublin Flights $997 Return (with Qatar Airways).
07/May04/Jun$997View Flight
14/May11/Jun$997View Flight
21/May18/Jun$997View Flight
07/May05/Jun$997View Flight
14/May12/Jun$997View Flight
07/May03/Jun$997View Flight
07/May06/Jun$997View Flight
14/May13/Jun$997View Flight
07/May02/Jun$997View Flight
14/May09/Jun$997View Flight
$1012 Return Melbourne to Dublin Flights (with Etihad Airways). Click Here for more travel dates.
11/Feb08/Mar$1012View Flight
12/Feb08/Mar$1012View Flight
21/Feb13/Mar$1012View Flight
13/Feb15/Mar$1014View Flight
18/Feb15/Mar$1014View Flight
07/May04/Jun$1015View Flight
08/May05/Jun$1015View Flight
14/May11/Jun$1015View Flight
22/May19/Jun$1015View Flight
07/May05/Jun$1015View Flight
Brisbane to Dublin Flights $1013 Return (with Qatar Airways and Virgin Australia).
22/May20/Jun$1013View Flight
22/May18/Jun$1013View Flight
22/May17/Jun$1013View Flight
01/May03/Jun$1013View Flight
22/May24/Jun$1013View Flight
22/May25/Jun$1013View Flight
22/May15/Jun$1021View Flight
24/Apr27/May$1021View Flight
08/May10/Jun$1021View Flight
15/May17/Jun$1021View Flight
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