Expired 🍹 Announcement. We Are Having a Staycation!

Hi Everyone,

You may have realised yesterday that you didn't get any deals from us.

We have decided, with heavy hearts, to put a pause on things for the next couple of months. This is really tough, we LOVE finding deals and sending them to you guys - but with each passing day it has become clearer that we can't keep going the way we were.

Instead, we are moving to a fortnightly roundup of travel news - travel inspiration, destination guides, how to holiday from your couch, updates as travel restrictions lift (hopefully!). Something to keep us all going till we can get back to the deals.

We will still be hanging out on Facebook and instagram and would love to see you. If you feel like talking travel, or anything at all, let us know in the comments.
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We are all in this together and we will come out of this stronger. Stay home, wash your hands, be kind to each other.

Cheers, I Know The Pilot (Garth, Jenna, Peter, Ainge & Leah)

(actual footage of us working from home)



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