Expired 5 Star Bali Resort from $466 per Family (2 Adults + 2 Kids) for 8 nights. 4.5/5 on Tripadvisor. School Holidays dates available

The 5 Star Ashoka Tree Resort at Tanggayuda in Ubud, Bali is just $466 per Family for 8 nights (2 Adults + 2 Kids under 13).

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8 nights
14/Jan22/Jan$466View Hotel
18/Mar26/Mar$566View Hotel
22/Oct30/Oct$524View Hotel
10/Sep18/Sep$524View Hotel
28/Jan05/Feb$528View Hotel
07/Jan15/Jan$466View Hotel
04/Mar12/Mar$568View Hotel
03/Sep11/Sep$472View Hotel
24/Sep02/Oct$520View Hotel
17/Sep25/Sep$512View Hotel
19/Nov27/Nov$520View Hotel
12/Nov20/Nov$528View Hotel
26/Nov04/Dec$520View Hotel
10/Dec18/Dec$520View Hotel
05/Nov13/Nov$520View Hotel
01/Oct09/Oct$520View Hotel
15/Oct23/Oct$520View Hotel

Prama Sanur Balii
Prama Sanur Balii
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